Color of the day: PINK

Pink for prisons…?

This is not intended as a reference to the ex-sheriff of Davidson County, North Carolina, who became infamous for painting the jail cells pink.

Pink is a calming color which has a temporary but significant effect on stress and anger. It has been used effectively in jails and prisons because of this calming influence.

Pink also causes people to highly value certain things.

Sweet foods taste better when placed on a pink tablecloth or napkin.

Pink rooms courtesy of Marie Claire Maison

My weekend project, a gift for a pending new arrival.

Keep the babies calm.

References: Carlton Wagner, Director of the Wagner Institute for Color Research, Chicago IL Faber Birren, The power of color: how it can reduce fatigue, relieve monotony, enhance sexuality, and more. June 2005


  1. Hi Jan,
    These are adorable. You are very good.
    Love K

  2. Hi Janet!
    Thanks for the comment on my blog and for letting me know the source of that photo. What fun to see your pink photos here also. Great blog!

  3. Thank you Anne! You are so kind.


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