Versace Home

I stumbled across this last night, actually Morgan found it and we went crazy. I knew about the apparel, but home furnishings, OMG!
So out of reach, but everything is just beautiful, cuz you know, it's Italian and all.

Everything is just perfectly gorgeous. These are a couple of my favorites, but not together of course.

I love the silver with the solid white pillows, and the green is just the right shade, the pattern on the fabric..... aaaaahhhh.

...and sweet baby jesus, what do you think happened when I saw this?

Can you f#$%ing believe this? It is perfect!!

There will never be another black and white chair in my life. Unless I win the lottery or rob a bank (a large bank) this will never be in my home. How can any other compare?

I am sure it would all look wonderful in my circa. 1980's Southern California tract home! Ha!

Versace taste and an Ikea budget. A girl can dream.

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