A Color Lesson: Blue

There are few blue foods found in nature and so it is not surprising that blue is not an effective color for a restaurant. It tends to suppress the appetite.

The color blue causes the brain to release tranquilizing hormones and can be used effectively in hospitals and dentists' offices.

Pale blues encourage fantasy.

Blue is the color preferred by most Americans.

If not too dark, a blue surrounding increases productivity. Studies show that students score higher and retain more information when reading blue text. Weight lifters lift heavier weights in blue rooms.

In apparel, dark blue denotes credibility, responsibility and trust.
In the middle-ages, blue was a difficult dye color to achieve and it became associated with a high level of socio-economic and moral achievement. References: Carlton Wagner, Director of the Wagner Institute for Color Research, Chicago IL Faber Birren, The power of color: how it can reduce fatigue, relieve monotony, enhance sexuality, and more

All images courtesy of Easy Living magazine.

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