Excuse the interruption but, San Diego was robbed....

Please pardon the interruption, but I must rant just a little. We will resume regular programming in a moment.

For the second-consecutive week, the Chargers mounted an inspirational second-half comeback only to see their late lead slip away. But this time, it was a little harder to swallow.

The Chargers were holding a 38-31 lead at Denver’s Invesco Field Sunday with 1:17 remaining when Broncos quarterback Jay Cutler had the ball slip out of his hand. Tim Dobbins fell on the loose ball, but an official’s whistle had blown the play dead. Instead of the Chargers celebrating a late goal-line stand, Denver got two more chances and escaped with a win.

“On the last play, it was clearly a fumble,” Chargers Head Coach Norv Turner said. “(Referee) Ed (Hochuli) came over to me and said he blew it. That to me is not acceptable. This is a high-level performance game. That’s not acceptable to have a game decided on that play. Our guys fought to come back. They competed in all phases and it’s just disappointing to have that kind of performance spoiled by that call.”

Thank you for your patience.

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