A quick review of the color Orange

Orange chair

With the Fall season comes the color orange and and it partner's yellow and brown. I just thought I would review some quick facts about the color orange and show you some nice thing's that are not pumpkin or scarecrow based. So here you go;

Orange is composed of 50% red and 50% yellow and is considered to be a declassifying color. Yellow-based oranges known as “pumpkin”, elicit friendly responses. They are also attention grabbers. A product that is the color of a yellow-based orange is seen as inexpensive; hence it is often used in cheap motels and fast food chains. It can also be used to make an expensive product seem more affordable.

A blue-based orange also known as “terracotta” is an upgrade version of orange which looks friendly but not cheap. It can give an in formal appearance to an expensive product without compromising the appearance of quality.

So now, I gotta say it...
Orange you glad you stopped by!

References: Carlton Wagner, Director of the Wagner Institute for Color Research, Chicago IL Faber Birren, The power of color: how it can reduce fatigue, relieve monotony, enhance sexuality, and more. June 2005

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  1. Thanks for linking up to Fall Nesting Week! Orange is a great color for fall!!



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