Rich Colors and Velvet Warmth

Velvet Linen Quilt and Sham on SALE at Pottery Barn.

The colors are gorgeous!

Of course in black-for all of the black and white enthusiasts (i.e. me).

Ooooo look, greek key. Isn't is beautiful?

This green is wonderful, I love the botanical print pillows, very nice.

Hopefully the weather will cool off here this weekend and we can cozy up in some nice velvet warmth and watch some football.

Enjoy your weekend!!


  1. ::SOB:: We don't have Pottery Barn in the UK, the closest I get is the online catalogue, which I am a little obsessed with ;)

    Have fun at the sales for me!

  2. ...but the UK has such rich history and beautiful architecture, I think I would trade Pottery Barn for that. :)


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