So you want to build a fire...


Here in Southern California we haven't used our fireplace yet, the weather hasn't cooled off enough, but for most people in the northern hemisphere it's becoming time to build a nice cozy fire in the fireplace. I thought I would share what I learned about building a good wood fire in the fireplace.
  1. Confirm that the flue is open. The flue is the lever that opens and closes the damper, the channel in the chimney through which the smoke travels outside.

  2. Take the largest log and place it at the back of the fireplace next to the bricks, this is called the back log (not to be confused with things on your "to do" list).

  3. Lay crumpled newspapers and kindling or fire-starting material in front of the back log.

  4. Place another log in front of the newspaper or kindling pile. This is called the fore log.

  5. Place a small log diagonally across the back and fore logs. Light the newspaper and kindling pile.

If the fire dies down to embers, reignite by blowing slowly and carefully on the embers. Bellows are a good tool for reigniting embers.

Always open the flue when starting a fire in a fireplace. Failing to open the flue can result in smoke in the room.
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Never leave a fire or glowing embers unattended. Make sure the fire is completely out before leaving it.
There is my two cents on building a safe and efficient fire. Enjoy!

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  1. We have a fireplace and don't use it very much but it's nice to know we could if we were ever without electrically on a winter day. All good advice Janet! Love the stone fireplace!


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