Where's the Silverware?

I happened across this little bit of information on How To Properly Set Your Table.

I don't plan on setting a formal table but it's good info to have if you are attending a formal dinner, to show your children what's what and what goes where or to pick and choose what to use when you set your own table.

So for my family of 4 (no guests) I would need to set out 40 pieces of silverware alone. Forget about the 12 glasses, 8 plates and 4 cups and saucers. 40 pieces of silverware? So Where IS the silverware?

Here is just one of each of the various sets we have had over the years, and still continue to use, there are more of some than others. ( I swear I pulled these from my kitchen drawer this morning). Note to self: Why would I admit that?
I see one from my mom's set and I think a couple of the others are probably from my sister-in-laws' sets (feel free to claim them if they are yours). So you see why I won't be setting my table for any formal gatherings.

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  1. LOL...can you imagine setting and then washing all of that!! It is good to know, though. My son in preschool would come home with random forks. He would swipe them from the teachers. We still have three of them.....he's in sixth grade now!!!!!!


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