A Gift for.............Me?

...on Dancer, on Pracer, on Donner, on Vixen,... on MY WALL!

I happened upon the Etsy shop Ruby's Lounge the other day. I have been obsessed over these wonderful deer heads ever since. They are all beautiful, but the black and white is my favorite, just 'cuz, well you know, it's black and white.

..check out the detail on this one. The positioning of the pattern to make the eyes and nose, just using the print. Unbelievably creative.

Visit Ruby's Lounge and check out how awesome they all are, there is even a wolf's head in the mix.

P.S.: If anyone in our gift pool is reading, I think it's a little over the limit, but no one ever sticks to the dollar limit anyway!! Right? Anyone? Hello!?


  1. what's a gift pool? and the deer head is kinda cool. thank goodness they aren't REAL heads


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