January White Sales

It's that time again. January white sales are now happening everywhere. In stores and online. It used to be that a white sale was just that, white. Now, the color choices are numerous, and sheets aren't the only things on sale. All kinds of bedding and bath accessories are included.

Crate and Barrel
When buying sheets make sure to look at thread count. You want to look for at least 180 thread count. That means there are 180 threads per inch. The higher the thread count, the longer your sheets will last and the smoother the sheets will feel, think no "pilling".

Pottery Barn
The thicker the towel, the more water it will absorb. Also check for thickness in the wash cloth. A thicker cloth will last a lot longer.

And to go along with your new linens, the accessories!
The best sale around is on now:
Mist your fresh new sheets and climb in. Relax and enjoy.


  1. We have a Pottery Barn outlet. The day after Christmas everything was on sale 50% off we came close to a new sofa but decided we need to not have kids in our home first.

  2. We don't have any of these shops in the UK :( etsy it is! x


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