Lovin' me some West Elm

LLLLLLLoooooove it!
Look no white/blue/brown combos!
This is one of my favorite stores. They WERE getting a little lazy in the creative department, but look what was in the inbox this morning.
I am giddy.

I love this room! Although everything in it isn't new to West Elm, there are some really cool new items.

Poufs. Oooo, look a red one. Yum!

Medina stand and hammered metal tray Yummy!

(Website says it's new, but I am pretty sure I have seen this around awhile) regardless,
I lllllooooove it!

Visit West Elm online.


  1. OMG-I love West Elm...and I love those poufs. Did you see this in apartment therapy...

  2. OMG I want 10 poufs!! I love love love them.


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