The New? Dollar Store!

Seems I have been shopping at the wrong "dollar" store. Look what you can get for under a dollar at another store.

Children's soft toys for 49 cents! Cute too.

Sot Barnslig Soft Toys

A 49 cent dishtowel! I have been paying 99 cents for these, arrgh.

Tekla Dishtowel

A 59 cent stoneware mug that comes in 4 assorted colors, black, blue, green and white.

Syntes Mug

A stoneware tumbler for 29 cents!

Almhult Tumbler

Where is the change bucket?

Images courtesy of Ikea


  1. I had no idea. Wonder why I never go to Ikea anymore? Looks like I need to make the trip. Can I but that stuff on-line? I better go check.


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