24 Hour Fitness is building a new Super Sport club close to me. I am thinking of joining, but haven't quite been able to commit. I think I have found my motivation.

Aren't these cute?!

...and this

I think I want to be a super sport.


  1. If cute workout clothes cant motivate you maybe buying some super cute super expensive jeans one size to small will do it. :) That is what I have been thinking about doing. lol

  2. I really love the yoga mats and bags! Very cute. Still doesn't motivate me to actually GO to a gym. I'm happy at home practicing my yoga at 6 a.m., but that mat would be nice!!

  3. I agree! Those are cute. I'm 4 sessions in to Bikram yoga. I love it. I don't love my workout clothes. I want orange all around! orange mat and clothes.


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