Is There A Book?

As we were rifling through stacks of upholstery fabric the other day my friend Karen asks "Isn't there a book?"

"A book?" I ask (lights go on, bells and whistles go off, antenna comes up).

"Yeah, a book on how to re-upholster stuff"? says my friend, not noticing the sweat on my brow and the frantic search for the SuperPhone so I can immediately search Amazon.

"Yes, and I happen to have one" I say, now having recovered from my OCD behavior regarding the book search.

But alas, one is not enough. So after a pre-dawn Amazon perusing, I have secured a few more books.

There is this one:

New Upholstery

wait here's another, this one...

hold on, just one more, and this one.

We will be able to re-upholster anything my friend.

So open the garage, dig out the chairs and let the work begin.


  1. Me first!! I have a chair that "someone" "not me" lets just call him Harry.
    Harry was so nice I wanted to re-upholster a chair I have. I wanted brown fabric or leather. I was even thinking of brass tacks. Well Harry paid someone and I got a chair with plastic strip fake brass tacks and Maroon pleather. Oh and most of the stuffing is gone.

  2. I'll do it. I need stuff to practice on. I don't want to attempt leather yet, but if you want to use fabric, I'll do it.


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