Keep It Clean

I will be cleaning and getting ready for a weekend birthday party today.

I can not wait to start, I love cleaning my house that's why it's so clean and I really don't have to do anything except sit here and tell you about cleaning my house.

Do you believe me? Do ya? Well, don't I have become the worst housekeeper on earth. My house was cleaner when I worked full time. So now that I neglect it so, I have to work all day to make it presentable.

Here is a little quiz to Test Your Home Cleaning IQ Quiz. Yeah, I don't know why, it might be fun.

Some Green Cleaning products. I have used the Meyers, Murphy Oil Soap and Bon Ami, all are good products.

Keep It Clean and Have a Shiny Happy Weekend!


  1. I love that first basket pictured...maybe if I had a basket like that I would be inspired to clean. HA - I would spend more time checking out the supplies rather than actually using them!!
    Have a great weekend.

  2. Seriously, you have one of the cleanest houses of all the people I know! AND you have two kids and a husband to pick up after!

  3. Janet, you are the ultimate in domestic goddess! I'm moving house soon, so I'll definitely be looking to your blog for inspiration x


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