Patchwork Chairs

I am obsessed. I have a bit of an obsession with chairs, not the regular matchy-matchy my sofa, sit in them everyday chairs, but decorative chairs.

My new favorite are patchwork chairs, and it started with these...

Arhaus Casama
I love these, they are beautiful. They are handcrafted and each chair is one of a kind.

I love all this green.

Squint Limited
Another beauty. Of course this one stole my heart with the color scheme. Made in England and upholstered traditionally, with tied springs and hand stitched seams.

Urban Outfitters
From Urban Outfitters a mid century modern.

Design Sponge DIY
For you do-it-yourselfers, a Design*Sponge post from last year shows you how you can make your own patchwork chair.


  1. Squint is really near where my new flat is! It's so so expensive but so so gorgeous x

  2. I LOVE they're gorgeous! It's so funny, but I've been loving anything patchwork lately!!

  3. How cool are these?? Love them, so individual! Gorgeous!

  4. Ooo, I know the Squint chair is really expensive, but it's soo pretty. Frankie you lucky girl, I would love to see their store. How IS your new flat?


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