Union Station Los Angeles

My previous post got me thinking a little bit more about Los Angeles architecture. So I though I would explore LA a little more, maybe alot more, as I am finding it very interesting.

Union Station is located in downtown Los Angeles and opened in 1939. It currently supports several rail lines. It serves commuter lines such as Metrolink, the Metro light rail lines, and is the termination point for Amtrak's long distance trains.

Union Station was partially designed by the father and son team of John Parkinson and Donald B. Parkinson and supporting architects, including the famous Jan van der Linden.

The structure combines Dutch Colonial Revival Style architecture, Mission Revival and Streamline Moderne style, with architectural details such as eight-pointed stars.

There are disc-and-flower chandeliers of glass and metal.

The lower part of the interior wall is covered in travertine marble, and the upper part is covered with an early form of acoustical tile. The floor in the large rooms is terra cotta tile with a central strip of inlaid marble.

It's a beautiful building worth seeing.
You can ride the train right to your self guided tour.

Images courtesy of Wikipedia.

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  1. I wonder how many people who pass through the station take the time to pause and look up or around them? These are some lovely photos... I will get to LA some day!


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