An Art History Assignment

As an assignment for my Art History class I had to do a virtual museum tour and analysis.

I chose to do the Metropolitan Museum of Art for my assignment.

As I was perusing the site, I stumbled across this in the Special Exhibitions section. It really struck me. I think it is unbelievably beautiful. The detail and color is awesome.

The Torment of Saint Anthony, ca. 1487–88.
Michelangelo Buonarroti (Italian, 1475–1564).
Lent by The Kimbell Art Museum, Fort Worth.

The Special Exhibition
Michelangelo’s First Painting
June 16, 2009–September 7, 2009
European Paintings Galleries, 2nd floor

The exhibition shows details on the painting before and after restoration, different views of the detail and infrared images of the underdrawing.

For someone like me who isn't planning a trip to New York in the near future it is a great way to educate yourself and see some beautiful art.

The site seems to be never ending, everywhere you go seems to lead you to more and more information.

Be sure to visit whether you are in New York or sitting in front of your computer.

Images courtesy of Metropolitan Museum of Art.

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