Pillow Love

What's new at Pottery Barn you ask?
Well for one, lots of pretty pillows!

I was mauling these pillows in PB the other day, so much that when I realized what I was doing I looked around to make sure no one was watching me. "Check out the crazy lady squeezing the pillows"

They really are pretty though.
They are a nice size, 20 inches, hand painted on cotton-linen.

Love them.


  1. Your squeezing the pillows reminded me of the old Charmin commercial :) I love the sunflower pillow!

  2. That is the perfect visual, that's what I looked like. The sunflower is my favorite, it was the one I was squeezing. ;)

  3. I love to check out Pottery Barn as each season changes. They do a great job of keeping their basic ranges the same, but then adding new accessories to give a whole new look. You've made me think it's probably time to get in there!

  4. I want their Panama pillow SOOOO bad. :)


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