Stop, Stop, Stop It!!

I am reposting this from last year, because...well... it still applies.  Have a wonderful weekend!!

I am going to rant.

If you are feeling positive and upbeat today please stop reading now and go play Facebook games.

I am all for planning ahead BUT...

If I hear the words "Christmas in July" one more time I am going to hurl myself out the window (good thing I live in a single story home).

Retailers, you are not fooling anyone, we know you will have more sales.

I don't need to buy Christmas presents yet.

I don't want to make my decorations and cards yet.

I don't need to shop for gift wrap and make custom bows.

I don't need to plan my Christmas day meal.

I still need to float in my pool on Labor Day, honor our military on Veterans Day, decorate for Autumn, put together costumes and buy candy for Halloween, and buy my turkey and make a pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving, before I even think about Christmas.


Aaaaahhhh, breathe. I digress.



  1. Urgh that makes me feel sick. I hate it even when they try to introduce Christmas in October and November, let alone JULY. I think Christmas should be kept to Decembre in my opinion. 25 days is plenty of time to prepare for it!

    (I think I just joined in your rant!) xxx

  2. Thanks Doll.
    Welcome to my rant! ;)xx

  3. I'm totally with you on this one, Janet! I can't start thinking about Christmas until after Halloween, at least. I don't even want to start thinking about school starting yet, or fall, or any of that!

  4. Oh, totally, that's just ridiculous. They must be really hurting financially to think we're daft enough to fall for that!
    Go home, Santa!

  5. I couldn't agree more!

    I hope you're well, Janet.


  6. You're right! I saw it mentioned somewhere too, and just shook my head. Santa should not be wearing shorts...

  7. THANK YOU !!!! ( pretend that was in a very large red font ) I couldn't agree more. Lisa

  8. Again this year? Oh, that's so nuts!
    I confess, I did find myself looking for a new planner/organizer last week, but only because I've been using an Academic Year one for a couple of years...


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