Barn Again

This New York Times article show how a family converted an old window-less shell of a barn into a beautiful home.

barn nyt

barn nyt 2

barn nyt3 Images courtesy of NYT.

How To Take One Old Barn And Call It Home is a This Old House magazine article that discusses the basics of a barn to home restoration plan. The article highlights the appeal of large open interior space, concerns about shoring up an old property, the advantages of historic preservation and a resource page for help and information.

barn toh

barn toh kit Images courtesy of This Old House.

Barn Again Program is a program supported by the The National Trust For Historic Preservation that helps find ways to maintain and use historic barns as part of modern agricultural production. They also have information on rehabilitation tax credits for restoring older and historic properties.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         Image courtesy of National Trust For Historic Preservation.

This shows us we can use what is already here and still have a beautiful and unique place. There are great resources available to help with restoring and preservation.


  1. Hi Jan,

    The first picture you posted of the black barn/house is one of my all time favorites. I have always said I wish I had the nerve to paint this place black. The guy at the local paint store told me to prepare to have rocks thrown at my house! I kinda believe him, too. People get a little crazy around here.


  2. What wonderful pictures. I've always been so attracted to living in a born-again barn, but I'm not sure in reality how I'd cope with such a huge space (curtains? heat? changing a bulb?) and the inevitable long, long list of repairs.
    But I honestly do love these pics.


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