My New Christmas Tree

I was wondering where I was going to put my Christmas tree this year.

West Elm helped me decide.

Are you lacking floor space for your Christmas tree this year? Here is a great solution.

You can work this tree in behind the front door or right next to the fireplace (no worries about it bursting into flames). Allergies or an aversion to evergreen needles? Does your crazy cat climb your tree every year? No problem! You can slip this tree in anywhere.

I think I will add a string of lights to go along with these little beauties and call it good (just kidding, sort of).

Where are you putting your tree this year? Have you decided yet? Does this help? Do you care?

Well, I am off to buy some chalk and clear lights. Ta Ta!


  1. This may be the only Christmas Tree I'll be able to afford..ha! I do love this & great idea to share Janet. Hope all is well with you? xx

  2. Affordability and space, it's a no brainer. ;) You could even have more than one, put them everywhere. ;)

  3. Cute! And much better than the "half" trees I've seen in catalogs. Have you seen those? Faux trees that are flat on the back so you can tuck them closer to the wall if your space is tight. Pretty ridiculous.


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