Wall Envy

West Elm has some really great picture frames on sale. What's even better than the sale is they show some really cool ways to display them.

You can get really creative with what you put in them. Kids art projects take on a new look when framed and mounted on the wall. Print out your regular color photos in black and white or sepia, mount them and you have custom art.

It's up to you and your imagination. Have fun!

West Elm frames starting at only $9.00 a piece!


  1. These are really great - I especially like the first photo you showed. But the one where the looped design goes between frames is really clever too!

  2. I'm a sucker for West Elm stuff. I don't think I ever step foot in that store without leaving with something!

    The frames in the top photo really caught my eye--the way they framed fabrics or patterns of some sort instead of photos. Very cool looking!


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