Bad Blogger

A week without blogging. I cannot believe I neglected my blogging commitments for a whole week. There are several reasons I started a blog, one of those reasons was to give myself a sense of daily accomplishment, although I did accomplish some tasks last week blogging wasn't one of them.

Last week I experienced Christmas meltdown and blogging just wasn't in me. I didn't have one defining moment, just a whole lot of nonsense piled on, and on, and on..... I couldn't think of anything remotely interesting to blog about and still obviously don't have much on my mind, other than I didn't blog last week. So...hello again and I am working on my blogger block.

Thank you for stopping by. I promise to have something interesting to say soon.

Love you all!


  1. Hey Janet! That pic is perfect... almost did that to Christmas myself a few weeks ago! Something had to give so it was blogging... I think I've written a whopping four posts so far this month. So go have a happy Christmas and I'm sure, after this week, we'll both find our blogger brains again!!

  2. It's not just you. I'm having total bloggers block. So I've decided to take Christmas off and think about it all in the New Year.

    Hope you have a wonderful Christmas and be sure to chat on Facebook :) Happy Holidays x

  3. That photo cracked me up.

    Hey, I say if you need a break, take a break! We'll all still be here when you get back. :-)

    Merry Christmas!

  4. Thanks ladies! Have a Merry Christmas and enjoy your off days. ;)

  5. This is a great photo, but it does seem very sad if any of us gets to feel so guilty about not posting! Welcome back and please don't be hard on yourself!


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