My Day Dream Home

I had another dream last night about my "dream home". My "dream home" is not what you would imagine. It's about 1000+ sq ft, has a low maintenance front yard and a functional back yard with adequate space. The interior is cozy and inviting. It has three bedrooms and two baths. My dream home has two exceptional (to me, at least) qualities. It has a large finished garage with a hobby/laundry room attached and the kitchen has a....wait....can you stand the suspense.....DUTCH DOOR.

This home is loosely based on a "fixer upper" I showed to a client in my re-sale days. It needed paint, appliances, fixtures, flooring etc.. but it had a big hobby/laundry room in the garage and dutch doors in the kitchen and I loved it. I think it was the simplicity of it. This cute little cottage surrounded by ugly Mediterranean Mc Mansions. It was uncomplicated.
I plan on sketching a floor plan and renderings for my cute little dream home. For now, I am "shopping" for the details so I can put it all together.

So what's the point to my ramblings you ask? I am looking for Dutch Doors....

Courtesy of Coastal Living

Courtesy of Country Living
Courtesy of Jen-Weld


  1. You are not a lone in your lust for the dutch door my friend xxoo

  2. We've been toying with the idea of replacing our front door with a dutch. Love the idea but not so sure it's entirely practical (not that that's ever stopped me before!)

  3. That comes very close to my dream house too..., uncomplicated and just enough space (but not too much) being the key. And I'd like to have the large garage/workshop detached.

  4. I just love love love Dutch doors. Great pics of them!

  5. I love the dutch door too. So cute and cozy for some reason:) That's a good dream!

  6. I love Dutch doors, especially for California living - keeps the critters out and lets fresh air in.

    I wish I could tell you where to look, but I don't know anyone here who sells them. You might be able to custom order though!


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