Forceful Beauty

Flowers liven up a space. Add some life to your dull winter, post Christmas, decor. If you don't have easy access to fresh flowers conjure some up yourself. Push those little buggers right out of their winter home. Force some bulbs.

A quick "how to" on forcing paperwhites will have you forcing bulbs in no time.

Paperwhite narcissus and amaryllis are the easiest bulbs to force. You can have blooms of paperwhites in 3-5 weeks, amaryllis can bloom in 6-8 weeks. Other spring-flowering bulbs require a longer conditioning period to induce blooms.

Here is an informative Sunset Magazine article on forcing bulbs. I realize it is a bit late for some of these blooms, but you can plan for next year, or if you live somewhere that is cold until June you still have time to enjoy some new blooms.

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Have a wonderful bloomin' weekend.

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