SPCA and Pets on Furniture

I missed this LA Times article on Friday. The SPCALA needs food donations. Their pet food donations have dropped off to less than 10% of what they were before the recession. Corporate sponsors have always supplied the food for the shelters, but those donations have dried up with the economy. The shelters are also experiencing record highs in abandoned and displaced pets, as people are walking away from their homes and pets.

I was reading Maison21 early this morning and learned of this dire situation. Christian May is Maison 21. Christian is a Los Angeles based interior decorator and Maison 21 is where he shares his opinion on decor and design and living in LA. I like reading LA based design blogs as it keeps me linked with the coolness of the city (which in only a 30 minute drive) and makes me forget I am stuck out here in hillbilly acres, I mean the suburbs.

If you are a fan of pet's on the furniture check out desire to inspire's Pet's on Furniture posts (another blog I discovered reading Maison 21). All kinds of cute pets on nice furniture.

If you are in or near the Los Angeles area please donate what you can. I am sending some food to work with the boss, he works downtown. Even if you are not in the LA area, the shelters everywhere are having the same problems. Please donate. Thanks!

This concludes my public service announcement, back to regular programming tomorrow.

Images courtesy of Atticmag.

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