Why Do People Do This?

Okay. Ready, Set, Go!

My current pet peeve is "giant flat screen above the fireplace".

Why? Why, oh why, do you do this?

First. It's like sitting in the front row at the theater. Cranking your neck upward to watch TV. The TV should be eye level (like wall decor, by the way, but that's another rant).

Second, HOW can this be good for your TV? Recommendations suggest that if the temperature is 90 degrees or more above the fireplace box, you should not "run" your TV. You can hang it there, just don't build a fire.

Third. It really screws up the aesthetic of your fireplace. The TV is bad enough, but to intentionally make your fireplace ugly with your ugly TV is not necessary. I cringe every time I think of some drilling holes into my beautiful slate fireplace.

We acquired a new TV over the Christmas holiday and have to mount it on a swing arm type bracket, beside the fireplace. Yes, I know what you are saying, how attractive is that? It's not. Not to mention, it will probably snap off and hit the floor the first time we have an earthquake.

We are going to somewhat camouflage it with built in book shelves. But it's still a TV on the wall. I AM happy it will not be taking up precious floor space in our not so big house.

Homegoods has some nice ideas here, none of them involving a fireplace.

There are frames for your TV. Although, I don't know where all the boxes, cords and cables went?

Oh! If you are going to buy a stand for your TV, why not use it? This looks like an unnecessary wall installation.

What do you think of the TV above the fireplace? Do you have this situation? If so, have you had any problems?


  1. Ohhhhh, I TOTALLY agree! I am definitely not a fan of this look and am always looking for a stylish way to display the more "functional" things in my home. Let me know how the new wall-mount works for you. (I live in a condo and really understand the space issue.) You know what else I'm always looking for?? A white TV! Let me know if you ever seen one :)

  2. I agree Janet & a stiff neck is something we'll all get looking up. I don't have the perfect instillation yet for ours. It just sits ugily (is that a word?) on top of a cabinet. I am a huge fan of hiding the suckers as much as is reasonable. Hate when they become the focus of a good room. Such a good point about the temp. issue, oh clever one!

  3. I don't like that look, either. I realize some people don't have any other options because of the way their rooms are set up, but it would not be my first choice for sure. Like you said, it puts the TV too high, if nothing else!

    TVs can be so tricky to get right.

  4. I don't know why people do this. It is so ugly. I liked it better when tv's were hidden in armoires and cabinets. Now everyone wants to show off the flat screen. I think it's a big mistake to put it over a fireplace for all the reasons you listed.



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