Inspiration Boards

I have been participating in an online blogging class.

It is taught by Holly of Decor 8 fame and the very creative Leslie who shares her talents and beautiful photos at A Creative Mint.

Our homework assignment this week is to make and photograph an inspiration board.
I have a cork board above my desk that I am constantly changing out with photos, fabric, paper items, key chains, cards anything I find that strikes me. At first I was just going to photograph my cork board, but although it is full of things I love, the styling of it had much to be desired. Quite frankly, it was a mess!

All of the items included in my "homework" board are what surrounds me daily. They are either from my desk/work space or my inspiration wall in front of my desk.

I am posting several shots as I was experimenting with light, tight shot, wide shot, etc... I was having problems with light as it is partly cloudy today so every couple of minutes my light would change. I didn't run them through Photoshop as part of the assignment was to photograph them in natural light. So here they are in their unedited glory.
This was super fun, I think I want to make some more.


  1. a red, white and black board...fine...i must remember to valentine when i saw it...;) love and hapiness...thanks for sharing...;)...cheers ines

  2. How fun! I saw that you were taking that class and was so mad that I didn't get in on it too! That's what I get for not paying attention. Can't wait to here (and see) more of what you've been up to.
    BTW, I like your last shot best... something about the lighting and angles... not that you asked ;) I just can't help myself.

  3. The class is really informative and it's fun too. I missed the class the first time and I was really bummed I was stalking Decor8 to make sure I didn't miss this one.

    Thanks for the feedback Tracy, that's why I posted more than one photo, I was hoping for some critique. Thanks! :)

  4. Hi Janet! I love your inspiration board...the bold color combo is fabulous. I think you should do a couple more with different color themes!

  5. Hi Janet!!!! I didn't realize you were in the class too! I was just checking out everyonelse's inspiration boards. Nice to see you!!

  6. Glad to see your post on this class, I've been wanting to take it myself. Curious to hear more about it.
    I love, love, love the bold stripe in the frame - such a clean graphic effect. I have a little nook in my house and something like that may work there - thanks!

  7. Hi Janet, You are really good at this!!! I like all the patterns and pieces within the black, white and red theme. And then that botanical image thrown in there is really fabulous. How fun!


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