Wall Decor And Work In Progress

I made some wall decor a couple of week ends ago. All were made with some fabric stash, a staple gun and thrifted art canvas. It's still not complete, but I thought I would share.

We are having some built-in book shelves done and hanging a flat screen on another wall, across the room, that should be done in a couple of weeks. I will post photos when that is complete, it's really ugly right now.

I don't know why this looks crooked in the pic it doesn't in person.
I am trying to accomplish a little redo, here and there, before the summer chaos arrives.

The photo is a little tight I know, but there is a new un-finished door to the right and an ugly thermostat to the left. It looks better in real life.

It definitely needs something else. The whole room is a work in progress at this point, but I wanted to share this portion so it would motivate me to finish it up.

Next. I have to paint the door. Everyone thinks I am crazy but I am painting it shiny black. It is the door from the garage to the family room/kitchen area, we use it like a front door, so it gets quite abused/dirty. So black it is. We will see...


  1. Yes..yes..yes..paint the door a glossy black. It's going to look fabulous with your art (which is very creative I must add!). I've wanted to paint our doors a lacquered black too, but afraid since we need to sell before too long. Do it & report back!! Hope you and all is well is gorgeous R. C. ?!!

  2. i think shiny black sounds great!


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