The Colors of Us (or US)

Some red, white and blue inspiration.

Red flair traditional living room
by Los Angeles interior designer Tracy Murdock Allied ASID

Blue Room traditional living room
I have noticed this quite a bit lately, cushions that don't match the base. I like the mis-matched casual look.

Artful, Eclectic Bedroom eclectic bedroom
Love! Love! Love this eclectic bedroom design.

dark blue and white eclectic entry
Ooooo! Blue painted floor.

Red Room traditional home office
A vibrant home office.

Have a wonderful holiday weekend.


  1. i love the third and fourth rooms...the fourth one is sooo moody!

  2. These rooms looked so great and so color-coordinated. It's nice to know that you get the inspiration of these rooms to the color of US. As for me, I love everything metal. My home's theme is actually about metals and I got the materials actually from brass suppliers. My favorite piece in my home is my bed which is made up of brass tube. And it really looked modern and extra ordinary.


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