I Need Some Decor Inspiration!

I would REALLY love to use this idea for our Christmas tree this year. Seriously. I would do it, but alas, I am sure The Boss would not be on board with this one. I think it's cute and creative, plus is would bug the shit out of most people and that is my ultimate goal. Just kidding (sort of).

Anywho, What really started this Google perusal of Christmas decor was my search for some ideas to make new tree decor. I have been meaning to do it the last couple of years and just haven't made the time. Well guess what? Last year I threw out ALL of my Christmas decor so I would have to make new for this year. Hahahahaha! What a dumbass, I know. That will show me, huh?

Again, anywho. Does anyone have any sources, ideas, blog links, tutorials for great Christmas decor we can make? Yes, my lovely children (I know you guys read my posts) I said WE, so get prepared to make some Christmas decorations.

I am going to look around the Google world for some inspiration, let me know if you find anything. Thanks!

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  1. Hi Janet - coming from this season's must uninspired person..I did buy Martha's Dec. Living & I found quite a few things that sparked my immagination which 'ain't' easy, including a hanging tree. It was almost worth $5. I suspect however you may of already purchased it?!! I think it's pretty cool that you & your kids make ornaments. We use to love to do that, all of us. Believe me & when they turn 30 they appreciate all those moments. are not!!


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