Thanksgiving Dinner Lazy Style

This is the turkey I have cooked for the last 4 or 5 years. It is no nonsense. You take it out of the freezer, put in the pan and cook it. That's it!

The first year I cooked one I didn't quite believe it. I thought I was reading the directions wrong. Why, if this was true, would anyone bake a turkey any other way. Well, it turned out great and has every year since then.

Yes. I also use boxed dressing. I definitely doctor it up with my own herbs and spices, but I start out with this

I love roasted brussel sprouts. I make my family pretend they like them. They are good, eat them. ;)

Yep. Boxed rolls also. Don't tell me you don't like these. Everyone loves the hawaiian sweet rolls.

I will be making the Cheesecake Cake out of this cookbook. The Cake Doctor is my hero. As you can see by the previous items I like to take a basic item and build on it.

I will also be making this Chocolate Pecan Pie via my other baking hero.

Oh! and this too...

...and don't forget the mashed potato's.

I know, I know, a giant carb feast. That's okay we don't mind. I will pile the dirty dishes in the sink and take a nap.

Ciao for now. I have to bake pies today. I am baking an extra pecan pie for a non-baking friend.

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  1. Loving the lazy Thanksgiving - our Christmas is going to be like that too ;) x


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