Focus Focus Focus

I can relate with my pal the llama.

I SO can not get organized. I haven't been able to work on anything. My Etsy shop is picked over and I have worn or given away all of the tanks I was going to list (I am a horrible business person). I have a really cute new bow bag I want to make for the shop AND some really cute little fabric notebooks and camera bags. I need to work on making some new things but I just can not stay focused.

It seems something or someone else needs to be attended to first. Some one's at the door, some one's on the phone, some one's watch, phone, clothes need repair. Ooop, someone needs to go to the doctor, grocery store, play date, martial arts. Hey! I'm out of shampoo, deodorant, toothpaste... Wait what's that? Look the floor is dusty, the bath is dirty, dishes in the sink... I should go back to 9 to 5.

Here's to a great weekend and some me time. Hope you find some me time for yourself.

Enjoy your weekend.

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