I Miss Blogging

Sheeeeeeee's baaaaaaaaaaaack!! (Seriously, talking about yourself in the third-person is so sketchy, this is why I have to write again. Mush brain.)

Well, I thought I was never going to blog here again. I was neglecting my blogging commitment and this blog had become something I didn't even want to read, and I read everything (except the calendar and the bank statement) just ask my husband.

ONE of the reasons I had lost interest in blogging, is that I had begun to monitor my opinion and commentary. I tend to be a "hothead" and sometimes my filter doesn't properly function, I blame my Portuguese bloodline, but it's probably just due to social retardation (I know,that is an inappropriate term). But with that being said, it is part of my makeup, part of who I am and part of why the people I know like me, or dislike me for that matter.

So, hello disclaimer in my profile. I sometimes use bad language, but only for effect (or to be an asshole, not sure which) I have strong opinions on politics and religion, even art and design style (god forbid), which doesn't bode well with some. Please don't take it personally. I respect every one's beliefs and opinions, I just may not agree with them.

Here I am take me or leave me.

Love you all.

Gotta go and look for some beautiful blog fodder.


  1. Hurray! You're back, missed you lovely lady. Look forward to reading you again x

  2. Yay for you coming back! Looking forward to seeing what you have in store xo

  3. Glad to hear you're back and proud of your opinions and who you are :)


  4. omgosh, I love you ladies. Yay!!

  5. Count me as one who is glad you decided to not give up blogging. There are many out there that are brave enough to be who they are. I never have understood those that hide behind a fictitious name or choose no name and no face. If we can't be who we are, then what they hell are we. So, although I may not always agree, and I do most the time, I commend you for the being the fun, lively, hilarious person you are. I should make that into a f'ing plaque.
    Have a fun 4th with your family Janet!
    x Deb

  6. Love you Deb! Happy 4th. ;)


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