Yes, I know who/what Missoni is.  But seriously Missoni for Target!!

I am reluctant to even post about this because I hate to give it anymore time than it has already garnered, but my "stupid people meter" is going off and the filter isn't working.   I guess so many idiots shoppers had to have this stuff yesterday, they crashed the Target website.

Shine reports:

"The 400-piece line made by the Italian luxury knitwear designer Missoni exclusively for the cheap chic retailer features its trademark zig-zag patterns for between $2.99 for stationary and $599.99 for patio furniture -- a fraction of the price of the designer's real duds that can cost $595 to $1,500."

"Grandma, can I have this old dress and these ugly shoes for my Halloween costume. I am dressing up as 'fashion forward' this year." 

Sorry if you like this stuff, but I don't get it.  This "zig zag" pattern, it's called chevron by the way, has been used and over used for years.  It reminds me of  cheap knit, cheaply made, discount store apparel that has been reproduced over and over. It was big in the '70's and it was ugly then too. 

This is the ONLY redeeming factor I can see in this circus. Cute? Yes. But would I pay $400. ($900. on Ebay by the way) for it. NOPE! and NOPE! again.

Apparently, Ebay is inundated with this crap.

From Shine again (yeah, same source, I'm lazy and they summed it up pretty well);

Some shoppers already are trying to capitalize on the fleeting nature of the Target's Missoni collection. As of Tuesday afternoon, there were 1,591 listings for Missoni for Target on that were selling for more than double the price found at the discounter. Travel totes were going for $169, while shoes were selling for $129.99.

"Grandma! Your shoes are on Ebay for $130."  

Anywho, My rant is officially over, I'm off to the thrift stores to search for some chevron print crap to sell on Ebay.

Oh! and I'm boycotting Target until they return to being Target. 

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