Sunday's beginning to look a LITTLE like Christmas!

Well hello! I just thought I would share some holiday decorating I have been doing.

 I am starting over this year, purging my old Christmas decor.  I have been trying to do this for the last couple of years, but always fail.  This year I started early.

All of my decorations are either handmade,  from The Dollar Tree or both.  I didn't want to spend a lot of $$ as I like to change things out often.

By next year I may have a totally different design scheme in mind, so no biggie if I have to toss, re purpose, or pass these on.

I hope you enjoy the tour.
Antique dresser in my entry way, dressed up for Christmas.

Burlap, canvas and felt flowers on a canvas wrapped Styrofoam wreath.

Handmade burlap tree, embellished with vintage buttons and jewelry, on a dollar store doily.

Coffee sack burlap stockings made by me!

Burlap banner handmade by yours truly.

I even blinged up the ugly ceiling fan.  A nice ceiling fan as ceiling fans go, but a decorating faux pas. 

Jack's snowman, he made in 6th grade. 

My pal the Llama, dress up by the tree. 

The whole banner here. 

A holiday card hanger, made by moi. 

We haven't gotten a tree yet, as I wanted to wait until the wind stopped blowing (I don't want a dried out dirty one). I will update as soon as I have the tree and lights done. Hope you enjoyed the tour. ;)


  1. Jan - Dollar Store, or no Dollar Store, handmade or not, your Christmas decor is beautiful. I appreciate a thrifty-mind...thrifty is my middle name! Sounds so much better than cheap, aye?

    Happy holidays Jan from one cheap broad to another!!!

    Deb : )

  2. great ideas, that we can all achieve on a budget ! Happy holidays !

  3. Those coffee burlap sack stockings are so fun! What a clever idea, Janet. Thanks for inviting us in! :)

  4. Love your use of the trellis - pinned it to Pinterest.


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