Mocha Is Coffee, Not Paint Color!

Please stop! Please stop painting your walls this horrible color, it's not the next new thing. It is dull, muddy, and OVER done. It doesn't reflect light, it makes your room dark, and your walls look dead.  I know you think it looked great in the last 50 model homes you saw it in, but do you know why it is used in models so much? Because it's BORING!

Builders decorate their models to appeal to the masses (that is why you get theme decorating too, but that's another rant for another time).  The philosophy is to not turn anyone off with any specific taste, which I understand, you ultimately want your product to appeal to everyone.  Unfortunately, many people interpret these decorating "styles" into serious interior decor or design.

Now don't get all huffy and offended, you can still have beige walls if you must. Pay attention to the beige you are selecting, look for  undertones in green or red, maybe a beige that is a little more grey, think taupe.  Pay attention to your decor in relation to the paint undertone.

I O Metro  has a great post, showing the change from boring beige, and how it effects a space.

Here is a little blurb of information to assist you, if you must use beige paint.

Here's to painting over that wall. Happy painting!

Personal disclaimer: The interior of my home is completely white "Aha!" you say, "phony" "talk about boring" "looks like an apartment" I hear ya.  Gloss white to boot, "blasphemous",  I know!  My floors are dark walnut and grey slate, my current decor is reds, oranges, yellows, you don't even notice my walls are all white, plus I love white walls! I can change up my decor anytime, go with a whole new color scheme and I don't have to paint.

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