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UPDATE: There is now a Cure For Kody blog, that contains all information regarding Kody. Contact info, donation info and current info on his medical situation. Please visit here. Thank you.

The following is a Facebook post from my best friends daughter.  Her 14 year old brother is sick with a currently undiagnosed illness.  It is crucial that we find someone that can make him well again. If you could please take a moment to read this and  to email this organization for us, it could mean the difference between a diagnosis or the unthinkable. Thank you so much for your help.

Please visit us at Together We Rise Campaign For Kody and Cure For Kody for more information and ways you can help. Thank you.

Doctors are giving myy brother has weeks to months to live.
We need to act fast..and i really really need your help.
Just email this address: inod@inod.org
The email I attached below!!! Feel free to edit it in any way I'm not a good writer, But thats what i sent.
The more they see of of this one person the more likely they are to respond!
Im so worried for his life. I don't know what else to do!

Thank you to all who don't ignore this and actually take the time to send it.
Thank you.


To whom it may concern,

I am writing you today on behalf of my 14 year old brother Kody Barton Kody has been hospitalized for over four months with no diagnosis.
Doctors are giving him weeks to months to live. It is very crucial to find a doctor who can help him as the doctors he has seen are baffled by his unlikely case.
He was at Loma Linda Universiity Hospital for months with no answers until he got transferred by helicoptor to Childrens Hospital Los Angeles where his health continues to decline.
If anyone is a doctor, specialist, or knows of someone who may specialize or know of another case like Kody's, please put them in contact with us. Kody was born with a congenital heart condition (pulmonary stenosis). He underwent 2 heart surgeries when he was 8 years old. He experienced a side effect from one of the heart surgeries which caused a portal vein thrombosis (blockage in the portal vein into his liver) with portal venous transformation with secondary portal hypertension, which has caused hepatosplenomegaly and enlarged varices throughout his body including history of esophageal varices.
He was admitted into Loma Linda Children's Hospital on January 13, 2012 with presenting complaint: hypertension, bilateral pleural effusions, and edema. He has underwent many procedures and surgeries regarding the pleural effusions. The pleural fluid has never tested positive for chyle but has been treated as if it was chyle. It is evident now that the fluid was not coming from/or not only coming from the lymphatic duct. Since the last surgery (VATS Pleuradesis), the fluid has again began pooling in other areas throughout his body. He is leaking protein somewhere in his body which is causing the fluid to leak and causes severe edema. He was transferred by helicopter to Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles on March 29, 2012. No one has been able to find a diagnosis and treatment for Kody. CHLA has made Kody's rare case a case study. They would definitely recommend him for your care if you came into contact with him.
We are desperate. We need your help to save his life!

Thank you for your time.
Taylor Gordon

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