I'm sick of talking about food, so I'm going to talk about it some more.

Food has become a controversial subject. We are bombarded daily with severely mixed messages about how to eat it, treat it and talk about it. It causes disagreements as heated as politics and no one ever agrees completely on how to consume it, prepare it or advocate it.

We need food to sustain us but are told not to covet it. We indulge in the beauty of creating marvelous meals, only to plop them on a scale to be scrutinized. Food is associated with eating disorders, obesity and allergies. It’s bad, it’s good, it’s what’s for dinner, it’s cutting out dinner and it’s exhausting if you let it be, but it is always a necessity. We must eat to continue to be viable human beings and so goes the perpetual battle of what to eat, how to eat it and what is the best health choice for our beautiful bodies.

I certainly don’t profess to have the bright and shiny answer, but I have walked this earth for quite a few years and have tried every eating philosophy around. I know that anyone who says their ‘diet’, or ‘program’ or juice or powder or pill is the only way you will ever be healthy, fit and happy is selling you a bill of goods.  Some are good, some are not so good and some are awful and dangerous, but not a single one of them works for everyone. That is simply impossible. Yes, we are all human, but our bodies do not all work the same. What works for one person could be lethal to another. Listen to your body, it will it will send you wonderful messages when it’s happy and unpleasant ones when it’s not.   

Eat healthy food, practice portion control, cut out processed foods and sugar (there are great substitutes) and listen to what your body tells you. If you feel good, you look good, and if you look good, you feel good.  


I don't really care...but kind of...

I used to love to write here. I would share things that interest me and that I though would interest others. I wrote expletive filled diatribes about things that angered me. I shared rants about dumb stuff that bugged me. But mostly I shared and collected pretty photos of spaces, places and things, that I enjoyed. It was a place that motivated me creatively.

Then came monetized blogs/bloggers, internet influences and Instagram. I felt like my goofy little blog was kind of dumb and embarrassing and not really a bright and shiny contender, although I never set out to make it a measurable internet presence. I lost interest in it and just started using it as place to promote my Etsy store (a boring and non-creative trend). After that I was uninspired and here it sits.

I love the feeling I get when I share beautiful things with like minded people. I love sharing art and color and beautiful experiences. I ALSO,  love to bitch about trivial things, which I am okay with, as those conversations usually end up being quite comical, usually at my expense.

I find it cathartic to put my thoughts into written words and by putting them out into the world it makes me more accountable and thoughtful about what I say. That's not to say that everything I say or write about is rainbows and unicorns, because I am kind of an asshole too. 

So here we go. A mess of pretty rooms, art, color, beautiful places, sprinkled with hot headed rants and asshole-ish-ness. Hopefully inspiring and thought provoking, for others as well as myself.


Santa Barbara's Best Little Inn

The Villa Rosa Inn is so far my favorite place to stay in Santa Barbara. 

The grounds and landscape are lovely. 

The Spanish architecture is one of my life list goals for a home.

...and of course sand, surf and sunshine. 

The beautiful city of Santa Barbara from the water.

I hope you enjoyed your quickie tour. 
Enjoy the day.