It's All About Me

Hello. I am Janet. I live in sunny southern California with my husband (the Boss) our two children, a big grey dog and a mischievous orange cat. We love to entertain outdoors and have ample opportunity here in SoCal.

I studied Interior Design in college and spent the majority of my working life in the corporate world of building and construction. I started out working for contractors and most recently for builders in real estate sales. (yes, real estate.  I know it's almost as scandalous as being a porn star, I apologize)

My mother taught me to sew when I was young. She was a crafty one and a consummate bargain hunter. I think she could have constructed a house with a glue gun.

I am the designer/owner/maker of Home Goods Ala Carte, handmade table linen and special event decor.

This is where I share all things related to life as I know it. DIY's, home decor, entertaining, sewing and crafting and other things that interest me. I sometimes rant about random shit.

I bet you didn't know:

I LOVE llama's.

I am Portuguese and Irish.

I am an only child

I do not have a middle name. (You'd think with only one kid, they could have come up with something.)

I only write with Zebra ballpoint pens or a freshly sharpened pencil. I would rather spend 10 minutes locating one than write with an inferior instrument.

I would rather eat a good burger than a steak.

I love the color orange.

I truly believe there should be a remote place for teenagers to live from 13-18.

I have road rage. it's chronic and incurable.

I curse and I like it, I love dropping the occasional f-bomb on unsuspecting strangers.
It is also chronic and incurable.

I love to color and draw. I have colored pencils, gel pens, sharpies, markers and crayons and big girl coloring books.

I think way too much about running out of paper towels and hand soap.

I am almost phobic about talking on the phone. I do not like it. Do not call me.

I love Ugg boots. I loved them when they were apres ski wear, before everyone jumped on the Ugg boot bandwagon and I will love them forev-ah. I wear them a fair amount of the winter season.
I occasionally wear them with shorts, on summer nights in my backyard, after swimming.

Yes, I DO look as good as the mental picture in your head.

I can feel your contempt, I forgive you.

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