I am in dire need of new dinnerware. Everyday dinnerware, not fancy stuff.

My everyday tableware consists of 1980's Corelle, 1990's Target stoneware (two different sets) and some random dollar store, hand me downs and thrift store soup bowls.

I can't decide whether I want;

I would love to mix three different solid color sets.

Good ole Corelle,

Or the Target standby,

I know there are many other choices out there. Kate Spade has some beautiful dinnerware, Ralph Lauren likewise, but if I chose to purchase either one, I would have to make everyone eat off paper plates so as not to break or chip any of my beautiful dinnerware.
Hey, maybe that's not a bad idea, no dish washing, but not very green of me.

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  1. ooh - I can't help you decide!! I am a plate white plate kind of girl - boring!!!

    thanks for you sweet comment.


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