Staying Green in an Orange and Yellow World

Going green can be a year-round practice, including during the cooler months. While you probably won’t be harvesting the garden outside, you can still be eco-friendly in your home, activities and lifestyle. Cooler weather can sometimes make it hard to think of global warming, but the earth will thank you for your green choices. Read on for some reminders.

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Save energy by making sure that your doors and windows are properly sealed. Poorly sealed windows and doors can be like having an open window in your home, letting cold air in and warm air escape. By keeping your doors and windows properly sealed, you'll also save on your winter heating bills.

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Wear more layers inside to keep the heat down. Turning the thermostat down just a few degrees can make a big difference in your energy consumption. Make use of sweaters, slippers and throw blankets to stay warm.

Compost fallen leaves, organic materials from gutters, carved pumpkins and waste from the kitchen. You'll keep these items out of the garbage and get material to use on your lawn or garden next spring. Compost is a more natural choice for mulches and fertilizers as well.

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Replace your old light bulbs with newer energy efficient bulbs. Winter means fewer hours of sunlight and more time indoors, so use light bulbs that last longer and are more energy efficient.

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  1. That's why I love cold weather, because you can layer. And we do turn down the thermostat.

    Great post Janet! :)


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