Holiday Gifts or Just for You

The lovely Laura of Made by Laura makes these wonderful brooches.

They would look really cute on a cardigan, jacket, beanie, scarf, ok well you get it.

Buy one to wear on Thanksgiving and one for the December holidays. Great for gifts as well.

Needle Felted Wool Poinsettia Pin Brooch

Needle Felted Orange Wool Rose Brooch Pin

Visit Laura's shop, she has a wonderful assortment of really cute stuff.

I have alot of her things and they are quality made. She made this pin cushion and gave it to me ( we are kind of related, one of those melting pot families) .

She said it wasn't perfect enough to put in her shop. I totally disagree, isn't it the cutest thing ever. I love it, I use it daily.


  1. Hi,
    That is a GREAT pincushion! Thanks for the link.


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