Easy Gift Idea

These would be great gifts for neighbors. Gather up a small bundle of kindling and some fragrant greenery. Apply some festive paper to a matchbox. Slide decorative ribbon through the matchbox and tie up your bundle. You could also add a favorite hot drink recipe or some hot cocoa. Leave them on the doorstep anonymously or hand deliver with a holiday card.

Courtesy of BHG


  1. That is a brilliant idea! I'm going to make that for my parents as they have a wood burner and it's a cute little something for the holidays

  2. OMG- what an excellent idea! See, I can always count on coming here and finding really great ideas! Have a great weekend.

  3. This is a cute and practical idea! Good for you!

  4. What a lovely idea! When I moved into a new home several years ago, my grandparents gave to me a similar bundle. It represented all aspects of success in a new home. Thanks for sharing this idea! ~Arleen


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