Custom Lamp Shades

String Lampshade

At first I thought this was funny. Not funny ha ha, but funny weird, well maybe both.

Then I really looked at it and decided it had potential. You could really be creative with the concept. Use other materials, maybe satin "string", ribbon, different colors of twine. You could customize it to fit your decor. Don't like it, deconstruct and try again.

Give it a try, have fun you never know what you might come up with.


  1. hi,
    I have seen this before, and I think it is pretty interesting. You can be very creative in decorating it and with the materials you choose.

  2. Hey I have seen those with seed beads strung on wire and it looks cool. I guess the sky is the limit. Now that everyone is using the new light bulbs the risk of fire is so much lower.

  3. I LOVE it!!!! I also love your etsy store. Lots of cuties!

  4. Now that is really interesting - I've never seen anything like it! I bet it'd be cute with ribbon :)

  5. Those pieces would definitely make your room look sophisticated and polished. Those are indeed lovely shades.


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