Entry Wall Mini Makeover

I feel the need to get organized and purge all the unnecessary junk around the house.

We cleaned out and organized Morgan's room a week or so ago. Now I am working on the space formally known as my living room.

I started with the "entry". The entry to our home consists of an 8 ft. long 5 ft wide platform or step. I am always at a loss as to what to do with it. I moved a piece of furniture to the entry to accommodate the Christmas tree and I think it is staying. Working with some items I already had I came up with something a little bit more appealing than blank wall.

So here you have it, my entry mini makeover.

Blank wall

AFTER (updated below)
Some thrift store frames and black spray paint and a new look.

I will probably change it a few more time before I am completely happy with it, but for now it is much better than the blank wall I started with.
UPDATE: Added a little color and height to the piece.


  1. GOOD start! ENJOY your projects and a quiet home!

  2. Looks great! My entry is a hot mess. Full of Stevies toys, I never open the door to people I go to the Garage to let people in, now that is saying something. Maybe I need to do a Entry makeover!

  3. I love it. Love the trunk, the frames, books and the tin! Perfect. It looks great.

  4. VERY Nice!! Love the new look of your blog too!!

  5. Wow~amazing transformations! Thunderous applause coming from Phoenix. Well done.

  6. Looks great! I invite you to drop by my place and see my before and after's.

  7. That looks really good! It's amazing what a can of spray paint can do!


  8. Janet, I just love old frames too, way to fill up that wall space. Glad to have met you recently & look forward to more fun in 2009. Thanks for playing!


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