Foot Love

Yesterday the L A Times ran an article in their Image section about the new styles of motorcycle boots that have arrived for winter.

L A Times-The Essentials Easy Riders
Of the six styles shown, these were my favorite AND the least expensive. Yeah!! Birthday present to myself!

I love me some boots and motorcycle boots are my favorite style.

For less casual wear
I do have some nicer boots for work and other occasions that don't support motorcycle casual.

I know I am a bit contradictory in my shoe preference. I typically don't like shoes. But when I wear shoes I wear boots for the most part.

I live in flip-flops. The weather in Southern California ( 84 degrees yesterday and 85 today) supports the wearing of flip-flops most of the year. (Note to self-You need a pedicure)

Good thing these are on sale;

The best flip-flop on earth. Really!

My birthday wish list: a new pair of boots and flip-flops in every color. Yeah!!

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  1. Oh, I hear you...I looooove my flipflops!! Old Navy's are only $3.50 and in so many colors....WOW.


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