Price Reductions!?

Good news if you are a fan of the Williams-Sonoma companies, which include Pottery Barn and West Elm.

According to this article, Williams-Sonoma "is stooping to a new bracket of opening price point levels and expanding its assortments of these more promotional items in 2009."

La Creuset Braiser
$70. below the "suggested price" of $270. a great savings if you are looking for a $200. braiser.

Look for the "good design and great price" marketing tag to hold true as West Elm introduces a new, lower opening price point.

Pillow Cover
$16. pillow cover, can't beat that.

Seems textiles are a good draw for Pottery Barn, so keep your eyes open for deals on towels and such there.

Polka Dot Towels

Yay, for the consumer.


  1. I want the towels! And a whole set of La Creuset I have one pot and it is my fav!


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