Furniture Painting

I am in the mood for a new project.

This is the ideal piece for my project. I have been looking for something like this for months. I passed one up because it was a little beat up and more work than I wanted to invest at the time, I wish now, I would have nabbed it.

I really need some storage. I have been looking for some kind of case piece to store all my "work room" stuff. I don't want anything new, I want something with some character, something I can make my own, something I can paint.

Here are some other DIY paint projects I like.

Wallpaper on the drawers. Put your leftovers to use.

This would be a great backdrop for pictures. But to find one...?

Stencil a simple chest of drawers.

You can view more projects like these here.

I'm off to forage the area for some sweet find.

All images courtesy of DIY Ideas

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  1. I've eyed up three pieces of furniture to paint...just need to do it before hubby notices ;)


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